Sanchez has not been easy these years, but he can enjoy football again at Inter|real cash paytm game-game khelo paytm cash jeeto

Sanchez has not been easy these years, but he can enjoy football again at Inter

On January 4, Japanese Olympic Committee President Yasushi Yamashita said that the format of the Tokyo Olympics will change and there may be no spectators, but they will do their best to allow athletes from all over the world to compete in Tokyo.

On the 200th anniversary of the countdown to the Tokyo Olympics, the "Tokyo Shimbun" published an exclusive interview with Yasuhiro Yamashita. When asked about the Japanese people's low support for the Olympics in the polls, he said: "It is natural for people to feel anxious in the current situation. Tokyo cannot be held like London and Rio. There will be an Olympics, the format of the Olympics will change, there may be no spectators, there may be no interaction between athletes and the public.鈥The 1984 Olympic judo champion said: "No matter what kind of situation arises, we will try our best to bring athletes from all over the world to Tokyo to compete in a flexible way, bringing hope and light to the world."

He also said that from the perspective of the next five or 10 years, the Tokyo Olympics will be a plus for Japan because it brings courage to the world.The WeChat public account of the Chinese Consulate General in Busan released the "Statement on Weibo's Hot Search "Li Na's Resignation of Chinese Nationality": On January 4, 2021, "Li Na's withdrawal from Chinese nationality" became a trending topic on Sina Weibo, and attached The consular certificate No. 462 issued by the Consulate General of Busan on December 24, 2020 has aroused heated discussions. After investigation, the applicant's certificate used the same name as a well-known athlete, and he has been married and settled in South Korea for many years. After the Chinese Consulate General in Busan contacted the applicant for verification, the consular certificate picture was uploaded to Weibo for speculation after being stolen. The Chinese Consulate General in Busan condemns the illegal misappropriation of personal legal documents by those with ulterior motives and spreads hype on the Internet, and solemnly reminds Chinese citizens in the consular area to protect personal legal documents and prevent possible risks caused by the leakage of private information.

On January 4, the AFC launched a number of new brand logos and visual images for national team and club competitions. The rebrand covers the AFC Asian Qualifiers, AFC Asian Cup, AFC Women's Asian Cup, AFC U23 Asian Cup and larger annual club competitions - AFC Champions League and AFC Cup .Inspired by the main colors of the football field and the uniforms of various Asian national teams, the dynamic visual effects of the AFC national team logo symbolize the coronation of the Asian champions, and also symbolize the gathering of the top national teams and players in the Asian continent.

On January 4, the Volleyball Center of the General Administration of Sport released the "Notice on Postponing the 2020-2021 Chinese Men's Volleyball Super League" on the official social account of the Chinese Volleyball Association. -The 2021 Chinese Men's Volleyball Super League will be postponed.It is reported that according to the overall requirements of the epidemic prevention and control work in Hebei Province, in order to ensure the health and safety of the players in the league, and to implement the relevant document requirements of the General Administration, the Volleyball Center finally made a decision to postpone the new season Men's Volleyball Super League, and the time and place to resume the game will be notified separately.

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