Pedura: Ronaldo has chosen Fenerbahce, the specific time to join is to be determined|cash game or tournament-game khelo paytm cash jeeto

Pedura: Ronaldo has chosen Fenerbahce, the specific time to join is to be determined

This time over the Philippines, the national football team won another 3 million bonus, and the accumulated bonus has been 4 million. There are still two victories and a cumulative 8 million prize money to continue to impact.

The data shows that Jokic ranks first in the league in multiple statistics this season. He accumulated 732 goals and 640 two-pointers, with a player efficiency rating (PER) of 31.3, a win share of 15.6, and a stat plus-minus of 11.7, all ranking first in the league.Echo Li, Managing Director and Global Senior Vice President of SPORTFIVE Greater China, said: "The SPORTFIVE China team is delighted to be working with the prestigious German Football Club Frankfurt. We will work with Frankfurt to vigorously explore the Greater China market and seek Business cooperation opportunities to help the club increase brand awareness and build deeper connections with Chinese fans."

Eintracht Frankfurt is one of the founding members of the Bundesliga, with a glorious 120-year history, and is famous for its profound historical heritage, loyal fan base and extensive influence. Frankfurt is Europe's air traffic, logistics, IT, pharmaceutical and financial center, as well as a center for Chinese companies and political institutions in Germany. FC Frankfurt has built a bridge of cooperation for business partners from all walks of life and from all corners of the world, providing convenience for global brands to explore the Chinese market. In China, Eintracht Frankfurt is one of the three most popular German football clubs with fans. Frankfurt has established a China office in Beijing, Frankfurt Football (Beijing) Co., Ltd., and has launched a number of cooperation and sports development projects throughout China.Axel Hellmann, member of the board of directors of FC Frankfurt, said: "Frankfurt has built bridges with various target markets in the process of global expansion, and China is our core market. In the late 1990s, Chinese national team player Yang Chen played for Frankfurt, and later he became a As a legend of our club and international brand ambassadors, we have always had close ties with China. In addition, the hub of China and Germany routes is located in Frankfurt, which also continues to promote close exchanges between the two countries at the international business travel level. SPORTFIVE will cooperate with the club. The China office and the international affairs department of the Frankfurt headquarters work closely together to promote the development of the Chinese market.鈥

The Yangtze River Delta Sports Festival is to thoroughly implement the spirit of the "Outline for the Development of Regional Integration in the Yangtze River Delta" and the "Outline for the Construction of a Powerful Sports Country", with the "Several Opinions on the High-quality Development of Sports Integration in the Yangtze River Delta Region" as an action guide. A regional self-owned brand event jointly created and held by the sports department of a city. The first Yangtze River Delta Sports Festival, with the theme of "green, healthy, integrated and shared", will be hosted by Shanghai. , the main venue is located in the Shanghai Civic Sports Park. This year's Yangtze River Delta Sports Festival is composed of two parts: events and activities. It is a comprehensive sports festival that is cross-regional, high-standard, unified in access, professional in operation, highly integrated in industries, and strong in radiation driving force. At present, the organization and preparation of various events and project investment have entered a new stage of preparation.In terms of project setting, the first Yangtze River Delta Sports Festival is divided into formal projects and promotion projects. Among them, the official project events are the self-owned brand events that are mainly cultivated in the Yangtze River Delta region. At the level, 3-5 high-quality events will be selected for finalists through expert review in the 7 events of football, basketball, motor sports (including motorcycles), roller skating, water sports, cycling, and road running; the promotion project will be regarded as an echelon event of the official project. , with the conditions for upgrading to become a formal project, and will be selected for 8-10 projects in rugby, martial arts, darts, skipping rope, urban orientation, dragon boat, sailing model, fitness qigong, equestrian, square dance, e-sports, ice and snow sports and other projects. The event is expected to be held during the finals of the Yangtze River Delta Sports Festival. At the same time, in order to make more high-quality events stand out, the organizing committee has also reserved a channel for the mutual conversion of official projects and promotion projects, which will be adjusted according to the opinions of experts.

In terms of activity settings, the activity section of the first Yangtze River Delta Sports Festival includes the Yangtze River Delta Sports Circle National Fitness Link, the Yangtze River Delta National Fitness Carnival, etc. The Yangtze River Delta Sports Circle National Fitness Linkage will be held in the finals area of the Sports Festival in October. The event has been upgraded and expanded on the basis of the original Yangtze River Delta Sports Circle National Fitness Linkage, which will further enrich the content of the event and increase the fun of the event. and interactivity, to create a better national fitness linkage platform in the Yangtze River Delta sports circle. The Yangtze River Delta National Fitness Carnival will continue from September to November. During this period, the national fitness exhibition activities held in the three provinces and one city will be organically integrated to form a mutually echoing, efficient and linked national fitness activity atmosphere in the Yangtze River Delta region. , to provide more systematic and high-quality national fitness events for sports enthusiasts in the Yangtze River Delta.In addition, the organizing committee also plans to hold the Yangtze River Delta Sports Market in the landmark area of Shanghai during the finals. By integrating the high-quality resources of the Yangtze River Delta region, it will promote and display the achievements of the integrated development of culture, sports, business and tourism in the Yangtze River Delta region, and promote the integration and linkage between industries. .

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