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Alonso knocks down Lewandowski, Chelsea loses and loses

"I'm not saying the players did anything wrong before, but we did make some changes from before and there was a difference. The first half was not a disaster, we played well. When the team It's hard to have confidence after a loss, we started badly and it hurts confidence. But in the second half, the players put all the negatives aside and played really well."

"We can't lose two more games in a row, we were really brave today. I told the players to focus on the game and put all our energy into the game. It's sad when you lose a game. "If you're not sad, then you're not giving your best in the game. You need to be mentally strong and recover from a loss as quickly as possible. It's hard to do. The mental performance of the players is fantastic."About Brighton

"They're a good team. They have a couple of very strong 'giants'. They're very strong in the air. They want to play a good game. It's a tough game for us. The air was like a 'monster' and it affected our team's performance."About Ali

"Another goal, another unbelievable performance. Ali's scoring efficiency is unbelievable. The details are far more important than what people see. He has a good attitude and fighting spirit.""I can't say he's injured, all I can say is that he told me yesterday that he's not fit to play. Not based on injuries, but based on concerns about injuries from previous seasons. I can't say he's injured."

About Lamela"He came to me after the team training and said: 'The team has injuries and suspensions and I think this is the time when you need me. If you need me to play 10-15 minutes, I can always give Wait.' This sentence moved me."

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