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Vardy top scorer, Arnold top assists

Wang Xiaoqin said: "We just want to nourish the players' bodies and ensure that they are in the best condition to meet the challenges, stay healthy, and win battles." The leading brand of China's sea cucumber industry, "Xiaoqin Sea Cucumber", is the official nutrition food for the Chinese national men's football team. The supplier will use safe and high-quality sea cucumber products to help Chinese football players in the future.

On August 25, the first day of the Tokyo Paralympic Games, Australia's Greco won the first gold medal in the women's 3000-meter individual track cycling race C1-3 and broke the world record. China's Wang Xiaomei won the silver medal. This is the first medal won by the Chinese team in the Paralympic Games.In this project, Chinese team players Qian Wangwei, Zeng Sini and Wang Xiaomei broke the world records of C1, C2 and C3 respectively.

Wang Xiaomei was born in August 2000 and entered Dongguan in 2014 and began to receive physical training. After more than 4 years of training, at the 10th National Paralympic Games in 2018, Wang Xiaomei lived up to expectations and successfully won four individual venues with a time of 500 meters, an individual track of 3 kilometers, an individual road time of 10 kilometers, and a road group race of 45 kilometers. Championship and break 2 national records. In 2019, Wang Xiaomei won the Women's C3 Catch Championship at the Netherlands Field World Championships and the Women's C3 Grand Group Championship at the Canadian Road World Cup. In the cycling competition of the 11th National Games for the Disabled in 2021, Wang Xiaomei won the "five firsts" in one fell swoop (individual time of 500 meters on the field, individual pursuit of 3 kilometers on the field, women's team race, individual time of 10 kilometers on the road, road 45 km in the big group) and broke a national record.On August 25, the Hangzhou Sports and Leisure Industry Association released the "Semi-annual Sports and Fitness Places Consumer Complaints Analysis". According to the statistics of consumer complaints in venues, from January 1 to July 31, 2021, a total of 1,134 consumer complaints were accepted, involving an amount of more than 6.88 million yuan. With the joint efforts of various government departments and industry associations, 764 cases were resolved, and the complaint resolution rate was 67.4%, saving more than 4.61 million yuan of economic losses for consumers.

In this statistics, the gym involved a total of 1,002 complaints, accounting for 88.4% of the total number of complaints; 33 complaints about yoga, accounting for 2.9% of the total number of complaints; 99 complaints from the youth sports training industry, accounting for 8.7% of the total number of complaints. Complaints from gyms are still very serious, and contract disputes and card refunds are still the biggest incentives for complaints.According to the nature of the complaints, among all the complaints, there were 345 complaints about contract disputes, accounting for 30.4% of the total number of complaints; 431 complaints about refunding cards and fees, accounting for 38.0% of the total number of complaints; 101 complaints about sports and fitness institutions closing their doors and running away , accounting for 8.9%; 52 site safety complaints, accounting for 4.6%; 205 other complaints, accounting for 18.1%. Contract issues and card refunds were still the main reasons for complaints, accounting for 68.4% of the total number of complaints.

On August 25, the Global Times reported that the peeling off part of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee was not gold plating, but a layer of coating applied to the surface of the medal, which "does not affect the quality of the medal itself."Recently, the Tokyo Olympic women's trampoline champion Zhu Xueying and the men's 200-meter medley champion Wang Shun successively tweeted on social platforms that the gold medal was "skinned". The Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee explained that the reason why the medal was coated with a layer of film. , the purpose is to prevent small scratches, dents and stains on the medal and play a protective role. The material of the coating itself determines that it will not be permanently attached to the surface of the medal.

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