Flamengo negotiate Barbosa transfer with Inter Milan|cash inc fame and fortune game mod apk-game khelo paytm cash jeeto

Flamengo negotiate Barbosa transfer with Inter Milan

According to Twitter blogger TheFirstMint, NBA Top Shot will release O'Neal, McGrady, and Iverson's star card packs in mid-March this year. The series is Run it Back.

Digitizing assets or shaping future fan communitiesFor ordinary investors, if they want to earn money through the NFT game NBATopShot, they need to pay attention to various factors such as card rarity, number, star data, key scores, etc. This is undoubtedly the entry point for them to understand NBA and basketball. Pranksy, a well-known collector who is well versed in this way, once made $9 million in the NFT market with a principal of $600, and the return on investment was as high as 15,000 times. Of these, nearly $7 million is in NBA Top Shot.

For avid basketball fans, NBA Top Shot is more than just a game, it's more of a basketball ecosystem. Fans hope to support their favorite stars and teams by collecting star cards, and hold a rich digital content library. Being part of the digital age has the opportunity to collect, buy and sell moments from these games, giving the basketball community greater exposure to NBA content. Even Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is a proponent of NBA Top Shot and has made several purchases on the platform.For the NBA, digital assets have also reshaped the way sports fans communicate with each other. Brands are creating this future community within a blockchain website to retain fans, driving digital commerce in basketball by creating an online gathering place for loyal fans. development of. NFT platforms such as Sorare (soccer) and F1 Delta Time (racing) are also committed to promoting the development of events in this form.

NBA Top Shot brings blockchain to life in a community of basketball fans and sports enthusiasts. Caty Tedman, vice president of Dapper Labs, explained NBA Top Shot's virtual card as a token that blends multimedia and data, including images showing the NBA, as well as videos in partnership with SportRadar.As Bitcoin hits new highs one after another, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are in their infancy, have also become one of the booming areas of the cryptocurrency industry and are expected to experience explosive growth this year. NFT provides a standard for digital ownership, which can make the creation and circulation of value more convenient and efficient in many fields such as games, sports, and art.

The value of NFT has been gradually discovered by people, and there have been many business cases for virtual sneakers and even speculation.At the end of 2019, Nike announced a patented technology called CryptoKicks, which sparked discussions about encrypted sneakers in the industry.

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