Former Bayern player: Guardiola has a mediocre personal relationship with the players, but his tactics are very good|call break game win cash-game khelo paytm cash jeeto

Former Bayern player: Guardiola has a mediocre personal relationship with the players, but his tactics are very good

PUMA's new carbon plate running shoe technology debuts at the CIIE

Take it from the market and give back to the societyIn terms of corporate social responsibility, PUMA has always implemented sustainable development measures, using environmentally friendly materials in product lines such as sports performance and lifestyle. The '10 For 25' strategy is the 10 goals PUMA plans to reach by 2025, including a commitment to increase the proportion of sustainable raw materials and reduce marine plastic waste. In 2020, PUMA clothing and accessories production has achieved the important milestone of using 100% environmentally friendly raw materials. Compared to using traditional materials, PUMA greatly reduces the use of water and chemical materials. In April last year, PUMA joined hands with the environmental protection public welfare organization First Mile (the first mile) to jointly create an environmentally friendly series of products made of recyclable plastics based on the concept of influencing social concepts and sustainable development. Employment opportunities in countries such as China, Haiti, and Honduras, strengthening their micro-economies. During production in 2020, PUMA repurposed more than 40 tons of plastic waste from landfills and oceans, equivalent to approximately 1,980,286 plastic bottles.

By launching an eco-friendly range of products using high-tech yarns made from plastics, PUMA has fulfilled its commitment to providing sustainable products to society. To date, PUMA has achieved 6 out of 10 strategic goals. As a next step, PUMA will increase the amount of recycled materials in its apparel and accessories products, completing all 10 goals by 2025 and working with China to realize the concept of sustainable development.On the other hand, PUMA actively fulfills its corporate social responsibility and encourages its employees to get involved as well. During the flood in Henan in July this year, PUMA donated cash and materials to the "Henan Heavy Rain Emergency Rescue" project of the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation as soon as possible to help Henan resist natural disasters. In October, with the support of the Shanghai Youth Development Foundation, PUMA's management and volunteers came to Lancang, Yunnan, to donate teaching aid to the local Nanling Township Primary School. This public welfare activity is not only a loving donation of stationery, school uniforms, personal care, sports products and other materials, but also provides a variety of learning courses, so that children can also broaden their horizons and bring the joy of sports to them.

At present, PUMA's offline store coverage in the Chinese market has more than 2,200 stores in nearly 600 cities and more than 1,400 employees. At present, PUMA has built long-term in-depth cooperation with many Chinese partners, including Alibaba, and other e-commerce platforms, showing its ambition and absolute confidence in the Chinese market. PUMA hopes to go deeper into the Chinese market in the future, not only providing products to consumers as a sports brand and participating in the Chinese sports industry, but also hoping to further contribute to the 14th Five-Year National Fitness Program and participate in every bit of the mass sports lifestyle.On November 8th, the FIBA Basketball World Cup released the Chinese slogan of the 2023 FIBA World Cup "All Out".

鈥淲e took the inspiration from the fans鈥 comments and officially launched the Chinese slogan of the 2023 FIBA World Cup 鈥 all members strike. It symbolizes unity, a symbol of forward momentum, a symbol of the athletes on the field and everyone standing behind them. people."TCL's official Weibo: "TCL's strategic partner: EDG e-sports club, who have stood out from the siege, won the two major LCK champions in a row, and won the most valuable Summoner's trophy in the history of the World Championship. Their love for dreams and persistence in adversity, Inspiration to each of us! TCL will reward the EDG team with a bonus of 3 million yuan, and give each champion knight a full set of AI appliances including TCL's latest 98-inch giant screen game smart screen! Everyone has endless possibilities Sex, let's do our best for our love and dreams!"

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