Shenhua AFC Champions League opponents have performed strongly recently, winning 3 games and scoring 11 goals|real cash teen patti game-game khelo paytm cash jeeto

Shenhua AFC Champions League opponents have performed strongly recently, winning 3 games and scoring 11 goals

Fabio Cannavaro, an Italian professional football player who played as a defender on the field, has now retired. Fabio Cannavaro is the first player in history to win a double football player at the back. Captain of the Italian national football team from 2002 to 2010. Holds the record for the Italian national team: 136 games. From 2006 to 2007, he won the World Cup champion, La Liga champion; European Ballon d'Or, FIFA World Footballer, "World Football" World Footballer and so on.

In the world of martial arts, fast is not broken, and this is also the case on the field. On the football field, scoring a goal soon after the start can always quickly ignite the emotions of the fans, and it can also quickly boost the morale of the team and attack the emotions of the opponent. So do you know the limit of how fast a goal can be? How long did it take to score the fastest goal in the history of Premier League football? The editor has compiled a list of the 10 fastest goals for you, let's take a look!Top 10 fastest goals in football history

1. The fastest goal in the world: BarrosTime: 2.564 seconds

The fastest goal in football history appeared on April 3, 2004. In an amateur match recognized by the FA, Marco Barros shot directly into the net at the opening of the Covis Sports Reserve against the Donref Reserve. , the time is only 2.564 seconds. Barros said in an interview at the time: "My teammate Michael Pent threw the ball forward when he kicked the ball, and I immediately shot directly. It was very windy at the time, I thought I could try it, and it scored, and I was stunned at the time. "This game is an FA-sanctioned match, and the time of the goal was also recorded in the report of the referee on duty, John Sorrell.2. Brazil Youth Cup: Fred

Time: 3.53 secondsOn October 12, 2005, in the Youth Cup match of Sao Paulo, Brazil, in the match between Mineiro Americas and Villanova, only 3.53 seconds into the game, Fred of Mineiro Americas scored a long-range shot from the midfield, which refreshed the goal. The fastest goal in football history. However, the Villanova team immediately recovered from the conceded goal, fought back, and finally eliminated the Americas 5-1. Fred is currently playing for Lyon in Ligue 1.

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