Premier League father list! Alisson kept 26 clean sheets in 50 games, second only to Cech and Reina|cash price of squid game-game khelo paytm cash jeeto

Premier League father list! Alisson kept 26 clean sheets in 50 games, second only to Cech and Reina

As the official partner of Euro 2020, Douyin will launch related topic challenges, produce exclusive AR (Augmented Reality) content, etc., to bring surprises and joy to fans.

On February 11, TikTok, the overseas version of Douyin, officially became the official partner of the 2020 European Cup. TikTok will open an official account for Euro 2020 to publish exclusive content during the competition. According to the agreement, TikTok will obtain the media rights of the European Cup, and the brand will be exposed during the live broadcast of the European Cup.In addition, TikTok can access the event database of previous European Cups for short video production. TikTok plans to launch a number of viewing experiences for fans during this year鈥檚 European Championships, including augmented reality (AR) watching, European Championship topical challenges, TikTok Lives and Sounds.

On March 4, it was reported from the "Football News" that some Jiangsu players have made preparations to sell their houses in order to prevent their payment due to arrears of wages.At the end of February, the Football Association issued a document to adjust the player transfer registration and registration time of the third-tier professional leagues in the 2021 season. Among them, the closing time of the domestic transfer window of the Chinese Super League was postponed by January and will be closed on March 26. For the Jiangsu team players, although they are about to resume their freedom, they must find their next home as soon as possible during this period.

Regarding the current situation of Jiangsu players, "Football News" revealed that the pressure on the players is real. Some of them have bought a house in Nanjing, and their monthly mortgage is not low. In order to continue to pay, they must find a job as soon as possible. To this end, some people even plan to sell the house they bought soon, even though the new house has not been lived in for a day.On March 4th, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism released the "2021 Shanghai Municipal Promotion of the Development of Cultural and Creative Industries Fiscal Support Funds and Achievements Subsidized Project Application Guidelines", supporting film and television, performing arts, animation games, online culture, creative design, publishing, Eight key areas such as art trading and cultural equipment are innovatively developed, and at the same time, results are supported for online audio-visual, animation, art, cultural consumption, e-sports, and performing arts.

Among them, in terms of e-sports, it focuses on supporting third-party e-sports events with industry influence held in the city, well-operated e-sports venues, e-sports teams that have achieved excellent results, and platforms that provide high-quality content production and distribution.The project application unit is an enterprise, institution or social organization with independent legal personality, registered in Shanghai, and the e-sports live broadcast enterprise should hold the "Network Culture Operation License" whose business scope includes online performance, and the e-sports venue must obtain the Shanghai E-sports Professional venue grading assessment. The supported projects should be completed between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020, with good social and economic benefits.

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