18 Chinese League One teams played, and the results of the first round of the FA Cup draw were released|paytm cash game ludo-game khelo paytm cash jeeto

18 Chinese League One teams played, and the results of the first round of the FA Cup draw were released

Affected by the epidemic, Feng Zhuoyi, a native of Wuhan, was unable to return to his hometown during the Spring Festival. "I contact my family every day. They are in good condition. There has been a certain blow, but I believe that with the help of the people of the whole country, it will get better soon." According to the Red Star News reporter, Feng Zhuoyi also donated money to his hometown during the epidemic, and he said that he was just doing what he could. "I actually wanted to donate materials at that time, but it was too scarce to buy them, so I donated money directly. This epidemic is very difficult for everyone. I am very grateful to those front-line medical staff for their help in our hometown. .Hopefully this epidemic will end as soon as possible.鈥

During the period of joining Chengdu Xingcheng, Feng Zhuoyi found that everyone did not reduce their enthusiasm for training because the league schedule was not determined. "Everyone has high requirements for themselves. Before every day's training, some team members will go to the gym first. After some warm-ups, there are always people who choose to practice more after training." Feng Zhuoyi felt that the positive attitude of his teammates to prepare for the game was a very good thing, "The most important thing for us now is to wait for the start date, so that our coaches Only with a careful deployment can we have a careful arrangement with the players. After the league starts, it will definitely be a very intensive schedule, so it is also very important for us to maintain our physical fitness during this period, so that we can have a good body to cope with such an intensive schedule. "After joining Chengdu Xingcheng, Feng Zhuoyi first quarantined in Chengdu for 14 days, and then came to Kunming to join the team. He told reporters, "When I was in Jianye, I had some heel injuries. I have recovered very well recently, and my state has been quickly adjusted during this period."

鈻 Feng Zhuoyi is in trainingStanding at 30: After becoming a father, I have more responsibility

For the possible Sichuan Derby next season, Feng Zhuoyi is looking forward to it, "I think Sichuan is a place with a very deep fan culture, which can fully accommodate two high-level teams. I hope to have a healthy competition with my brother team. , can play a role in promoting and improving each other.鈥"There are also many friends in Jiu Niu that I have a good relationship with in private, but they must still fight for their respective teams when they are on the court." Feng Zhuoyi added that Wang Song is also a good friend of him, and they often play in the Chinese Super League. Fighting, this is a very common thing. "I also hope that the fans can cheer for their favorite teams more enthusiastically. This is the best encouragement for us. Before I came back, many fans were concerned about my movements on Weibo, thank them very much, I will also do my best to show my best self on the pitch.鈥

In February last year, Feng Zhuoyi "upgraded" to become a father, which also made him more mature. "After having a son, I feel that my responsibilities are different, and my mentality has also changed a lot. Apart from playing football, I also hope that I can spend more time with my family, and I hope that my family can live a better life.鈥"I hope my son can play football in the future." Feng Zhuoyi continued, "Whether he can take a career path or not, it is also very important to have a good body through exercise. If he likes this sport, I will definitely support it fully. and develop him, but he has to be interested in order to develop further."

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